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Monday, April 4, 2011

What Am I ?!

Assalamualaikum and a very good night too all readers out there . this night , i think once again it wouldn't be a long entry for me . i'm tired of typing and complaining or sharing my thoughts there but there is no responses to encourage me .

This night , i'm going to tell you what happened to me these few days since Friday . Rebecca Black's song totally making me sick . okay , forget about that . i've been preached by my seniors last night . and i was like , did i do that ? is that am i ? i can't believe it . but i must face the reality . i bet , many of them had removed me . i know because i viewed their profile . i know my attitude is kinda bad lately . well , i was like carried away by the immature feelings and attitude . sadly , some of the seniors did set a target for me . and they was like monitoring my attitude changes for 24/7 . i just need to change my self to a better person . so , i wouldn't be the victim lashing . all over , i just need to change my self to a better person . just like my seniors said to me . it is an advice but not to look down on me . okay , i accept your good deeds to me . thank you . ;)

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