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Sunday, March 27, 2011

any idea ?! -.-'

hello ladies and gentlemen . babes and guys out there ;) good night and welcome ! Assalamualaikum to the muslim and Hi to the non-muslim . ;) today , i stand here because i can't sit . HAHA lame onwards . next .

First thing is , my post this time ain't gonna be so long . i'm kinda lazy to type a lot of words this night because i'm sleepy . hahaha lol . ;D i hereby to tell you about what happened to me the whole day .

Okay , lets start . first thing about my outfits . wait :)

about outfits , i wear light green round neck tee , skinny jean , and B/W Skytop 2 . the above picture ;) credits to my own . because its mine . not google . thats what i wore to Pesta Tanjong just now . ;) okay , i got to pesta tanjong at 6 am in the morning . i reached my school like 6.30 - 6.45 am . when i reached there , i saw Nico walking to the toilet while singing "puyuh , puyuh , puyuh" because Mr Let yelled at him about the "Puyuh Egg" . then , he hailed me . waa , nice shoes . ;D and i'm proud of it i replied . ;D thats all for the earlier conversation . so i pursued my plans for today . i go to my class , iltizam and wait for my friends . ;D just like 7 am in the morning , i was kinda bored so i called irsya . then he reached here around 7.30 am with Asyraf . ;D he asked for Rm 10 coupon from Asyraf for me . well , both of us love to bully other students . not really called as bully , just kidding . hahaha . lol xD . then after waiting for amir so long , we decided to go to canteen to seek for something to eat because we're hungry but we didn't made it . so , i bought Strawberry Mirinda . i drank that till i'm full . ;D nevermind , i consider it as breakfast . then next , both of us walk to Old Class Block . we go to Iltizam . we wait for Amir . but he didn't made it to reach here at 8.30 am . so , both of us walk again . walking and keep walking . then we stopped at Gerai Panggang . we made our decision to help the teachers there . so we're hired . hired for like 2 hours . irsya working on cooking basement and i'm preparing the Crab meat , Hot Dogs and the chicken wings . after finish with all of those stuffs , time to grill them ! its irsya's duty . and i go to relax for 5 minutes then i go to the counter and help miss philo to sell the Fried chicken wings , crab meat , hot dogs and fish balls . ;D i'm kinda excited so work there because i asked Meera to visit my "gerai" . she came . urgh =.=' i'm kinda lazy to proceed the next story . HAHAHA

then , after finish with the selling so i made my decision to walk around the Pesta Tanjong first . well , its useless when i bought a lot of coupons but i didn't use them as well . so first thing tah i bought is the chicken wings . then , mee sup for my mum ;D haha , walking and keep on walking . meera messaged me , she told me that she's gonna come for the pesta tanjong and i'm excited to hear that . ;D after like an hours walking around and i bought some foods and i kept them in my bag ;D HAHAHA . its kinda yummy . and i'm back to my gerai to continue my duty , working on the counter . ;D then suddenly , meera appeared in front of me . with her family . i saw her dad in front . i was like , frightened . then cool . after that , she's gone to parkson . well , its been an honor to see her smile . and i smile send back a smile to her . ;D she's cute enough just now , same goes to her sister . both of them are really cute ! meera , she's in purple just now with her low style jean and high heel . ;D with sort of accessories . i love to see her when she smile at me . ;D a little piece of heaven . i guess . ;) i got nothing so say left . i'm totally speechless . okay thats all i think . for the pesta tanjong this year ! i'm having such a great moments this year ! bye .

sicnerely by ,
- wan two three - ;D

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