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Friday, February 4, 2011

Our first anniversary . with Meera .

sorry for the updates . i was busy for these few days . heres the story , at 1st January 2011 , i has been applied meera for a relationship with me . Officially . She did accept them , i've been through all the fun moments with her . 1st February 2011 was our first anniversary and we have been 1 month being together . all the sweet , horrible and fun moments that we had , we keep it deep in our hearts . the reality is , me and her never fight . NEVER FIGHT or argue . thats the good one . i love her ( meera ) very much because she understand me a lots . i never broke her heart or made her cried before . i never and i won't . her tears was precious enough to waste on . what do i like bout her is , shes cute and she has a good sense of humor . just like me . she made me laughed and i made she laughed . what a happy couple we are . plus , i never forget to Pray to Allah that The Merciful and i asked for our relationship blessings . And i do thank you to Allah . Lastly , meera if you read this . i would be glad to hear that u love me a lot . Sincerely by , - wan - :D

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