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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its Chinese New Year For 2011

Hello Guys and Bloggers out there , back here updating my flawless blog ~ :D yeah . I'm celebrating Chinese New Year for sure ~ My dad is a Chinese . I got lot of thing to share with your guys ~ Especially to the readers out there ~ Here it goes , 1.I'm going to sit for my first Pro 1 exam for Form 2 this 7th February 2011 . ( a lil bit nervous then . i'm ready yet ) 2.I'm desperate for Celebrating this Chinese New Year ~ ( i need to go back to my dad's village in Kanowit ) 3.While in Kanowit , i can't sleep at all ~ Those creature a.k.a Stupidos Insects are around . skip for 4 and 5 . Kinda Weird . But its not . 7. this is february , some peoples will celebrate them and some of them are not just like me . I don't celebrate Valentine . it is for the Christian *Mostly* . 8. now , i am collecting Ang Pows for buy my new Supra Skytop II shoes ~ :) That shoes drives me crazy when i wear them . ;) 9. Its been 1 month me and MEERA ( my lovely boo ) being together ~ :D 10. thanks to all the Followers and those readers out there ~ I appreciate it so much . Thats all . P/S : my friend , Muhd Nur Fadhillah is in love with his new GirlFriend ~ Wooots ~ love is in the air ~ I'm going for the Maulidul Rasul Parade this 15 February 2011 . I can't wait them ~ And yeah , My English Skills IMPROVED ! i put a lot of effort on it . ;D thanks to clara that is my sister who helped me a lot ~ :D lastly , MY BOO ~ I LOVE YOU SO ~

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