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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Moments Of The Year in january 2011 .

1. my nickname that is : tortoise a.k.a penyuk . that name made me famous . 2. i started to pray in the subuh , zuhur , asar , maghrib and isyak . 3.i got a lot of friends this year . 4. i knew a lot of Collegian students . 5. i got my beloved girlfriend a.k.a my sweet hearts that is Meera . 6. i got my beloved sister that is clara . 7. i got my the Merciful god that is Allah . all the fun moments that i had , i proud and appreciate it . i hope , Allah pleased me for this and blessed it . Thank you Allah ! "Alhamdulillah" Takbir ! Alah is merciful ! ;D

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