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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nur Ameera Affendy

the name , girl , you made me happy since u broadcast and treat me well in 2 december 2010 . i felt a bit lucky and stress full relief that she didn't hate me . almost give up when she reject me at the time i said and i release my feelings toward her . my instinct encourage me to try again . at last , at the time i tried to request her again . and she said that , " one day , we'll be in love in reality " . and i hold on that words and it encourage me more to wait for her love . ;D and i lastly , i go through all the sweet memory with her . all the pain she made against me , i buried it deep inside my heart . i always forgive her . but she didn't realise that she hurt me . i tried to be happy in front her to let her smile . love to see her smiles and she looks sweet too . her cheek her smile her laugh her joke her tears her sacrifice her love her kindness her loyalty her delightful her grace her name her attitude and lastly , i just love the way she are . :D she never made me sad . she didn't mad or cried for the small matter even the serious and huge matters , she still smile . and i'm happy that she treat me that way . ;) . baby , if u read this , u surely happy when i appreciate your love and yourself to be . don't change , i love you whatever you be . ;) either you raise your glass or you throw the grenade towards me , i will love till the time Allah the Almighty separate us or the goods . ;) . may Allah bless our good and delighty

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