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Saturday, January 8, 2011

this small girl

hey hey , this girl is mine . officially mine in this year . 1 january 2011 . doo-woops hooligans :D yeah ! its been a long time i'm not updating this blog . seriously , i'm busy with my study , school works and my meera . ;D . well , thats me . oh no , my cleaning schedule for my class haven't finish yet . how i am going to face my class teacher ? noo ~!!!! maybe i'll do it tomorrow . ;D btw , its been a long time that we know each other . since 2 december 2010 till now . it is the greatest memory ever . but i will never forget of my friends . :D yeah ! i think , thats all coz i'm bald now . so i don't got a lot of idea . :D thats all . meerailoveyou ! -wan-

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