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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Study , Future and Love

looks and understand the title . and why i put study infornt and love at the bottom ? main reason is , without study your love is useless . you live in no future and even knowledge . so how u going to make some love ? am i right ? correct me if i'm wrong . main thing i'm focus-ing now is study . the best path to success . :D sorry for some of them that i ignore for some times . ;D really sorry . i got no time to waste for that . just like what my sister-angkat advice me . ;D . second , future . i'm aiming and do the best for my future and a better living . ;D *PILOT* is my ambition . main thing i must know is , add math , physic and biology . i'm not goint to waste my time to live without a best career for me . its useless . why i suddenly talk bout this ? this is called BASIC LOGIC PLANS . it is strategic for us *students to plan this rite ? *correct me i'm wrong . AGAIN . hahaha ~ lastly , love . it is the additional or something what we don't really need at our teenage love level . ;D . theres a lot of important things that we must things first . but for me , MY MEERA is always the top and the first one . ;) . get it ? MEERA is the first and the important person for me . without her , i can't stay focus ahead to success . she makes me become more vigorous to achieve and success in my study . and i won't be so vibrant without my sis clara , my friends and my family support . thats all . bye . -wan-

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