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Monday, December 20, 2010

A long time ago . A new beginnings and A better day .

Why am i saying those word ? i learned that word since i was 12 . i'll remember that word till the end of my life . that word thought me to not giving up easily when you fall to the ground and start again and again till you reach the winning lines . :) . my ex teacher thought me that , a person who gave up easily is a loser and you were a guy , thats mean you're not a guy . :) . so , today i'm not giving a speech or lecture for all readers . i just want all of you to know , theres a good things when it happen badly and theres a good thing happen when it was occur delightly . :) . so , not all satisfication made the best . :) . the next and new beginnings , a new hope that i can cope . :) new year is the beginnings and last year was a lesson for me to be a person who i am and not trying to be another person that i can't be . and i hope i won't do the same mistakes as the past year . :D . correct me when i'm wrong , and i'll be thankful if i made it to be a person i must be . :) . a better day and the lesson for tomorrow .

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