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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Days Till Now *Me n Her .

. . Nur Ameera Bt Affendy . . . I got to know her in septermber 2010. at the time, me and her only friends only. making friends as usual. at first, she admitted that she was not quite like to be friends with me at that time. I began to know of such a night. She be honest to me about her feelings towards me and she confessed at the first moment I knew. Since I know her, I began to wonder myself, does she want to be friends with me? . I admit, I started to like it the first time I saw a cute expression on hes face was more attractive. Getting started is the story of life and deeds of my heart to take her. . .at this time, we come closer relations since December 2010 this year. whisper my heart says I should try and keep trying to get her and take her to despair. and encouraged me to her in disbelief again. But her reaction was quite different as before. she is warm and friendly when talking to her on the social networking site Facebook. I started thinking, why she changed so quickly? . Then I asked her why she changed. She said, her lover no longer love her like they used to entertain. Now he will just treat me like once a week or two weeks. He cared about me as before. He changed since he met a lady her age peers. So I was sympathetic to hear her story and I also put up against her sad. I also began to recognize it more closely and deeply. I began to recognize the absolute heart and character. Our relationship began when the day is the day grew closer together and now our relationship is not just ordinary friends. Even more than as a friend. Me and her are like in love, but it is not. We love each other and protect each other. And I admit, day after day I feel more in her. I also do not make hasty decisions to romantic relationship with him. I decided to become friends with each other even though we think we are in pairs. That's it. Thank you. If there are more stories I want to share, I will tell you here. -Sincerely by , Wan-

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