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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maulidul Rasul 2011 ( 12 Rabiulawal 1432 hijrah )

Woots , Hello readers out there and dear bloggers , i got a sorts of story to share with all of you here . you know what it is ? -Lol , of course you don't know- Okay , first thing is . Yesterday , i joined the Maulidul Rasul parade ( perarakan ) for my school group ( kolej ) . We have been training for like 2 weeks . This is a bad news , majority of this year form 1 students escaped and they are lazy to fish with us ( no effort to win this competition ) I really disgusted by them . What is more humiliating us is , all of those form 1 doesn't give us any good supportive . they just like ( sambil lewa ) what malay idiom said . What are u here for huh ?! Majority of the form 1 students ( boy ) act like a girl . ( jaga suara ) . Are u a girl boy ?! Damn . Lastly , the most crushing news for me is . my school got 3rd place in this competition . All of our teacher and other seniors feel sad for this . They put a lot of effort to win this until some of the ( AJKs ) didn't sleep for a night just to finish our ( Spanduk ) . I felt guilty to them . What Mr Abdull Kadir hope is " we are 1 family , we fight under 1 roof to strive for the best " . now , its useless to talk about the humiliating form 1 students . FISH OUT ! ( enough for that ) Second thing , i met Meera at the end of the parade . She was sitting in front of me . Suddenly she turned out , i was a lil bit shocked when i saw her . She was cute ! I can't take my eyes from her . At last , i can see her face in reality . ;D Alhamdulillah Ya Allah . praise to the Merciful God Allah . ;) We played ( kobek-mengobek ) for a while . She said that , i was tall like a giraffe . ;D Nevermind , i don't mind it dear . because you're a polar bear too ! ;p BOO ! Lastly , after done with the Parade . Me , Izwan , Hazizam , Danial , Rizwanie , Ismandi , Ip and Nazrul are going to Parkson to walk around and have fun to hang out together . ;D First , Danial , Ismandi , Ip and Hazizam are gone first . Me , Izwan and Naz are waiting for Rizwanie . Well , we are the second trip to go . ;D I made a deal to spend Nurin at Mc Donald . ;D So i did fulfill that deal . ;D Done with them .:D First thing we do is , i go to starbuck to buy a Chocolate chip that cost 16.95 Ringgit Malaysia . what an expensive one . then , we're up to Mc Donald to eat . ;D . I left Izwan and others at Mc Donald , while me and nazrul are going to walk around to look for the New Era caps that nazrul really want to buy . ;D Suddenly , we're failed to find them . ;) then , we're back to Mc Donald for a while . Mc Donald is like Petronas for us . Food Station i think . ;D After done with the energy refill . I spend Nurin too . Done with energy refill , we're up to level 4 . We planned to play bowling earlier but i felt like ( kekok ) so i cancelled them . We just watch The Green Hornet movie that start at 1.30 pm . ;D Oh i forgot , before we're off to the cinema . We gone to Mcc first . To release our stress . ;D Then we enter the movie hall . ;D . After finished watching the movie , me , danial , naz and ip gone to the first floor to wait for Izwan and Wanie . ;D that is the end of our fun because we got no money left . ;D Suddenly , danial was seeking to creep from us . and we let him go . I saw him were at the Big Apple Donut to buy some food i think so . Haha ! thats was the funniest thing happened because he think that we did not saw him there . ;D But we actually knew that earlier . and we was eager want to know what is he doing there . ;D at last , done with that stuff . We split and we back home . Before that , i go to SugarBun to ( tapau ) one Kano Meal menu . ;D Then me and nazrul back home plus , we left Izwan and Rizwanie too . ;D HAHAHA ! let they have their romance date . Last thing that me and nazrul did is , I asked nazrul to shot for my picture . ;D i showed them in Facebook too . So , thats all the story of yesterday . P/S - guys , i really appreciate this memory ! :D Sincerely by , -Mr Supra ( Wan )-

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