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Saturday, March 19, 2011

am i deserved to be like this ?!

Assalamualaikum and a good night to reader out there ;) okay , just guess what am i gonna tell you about and what is the things that related this picture with my story ? okay hold on a minute . ;D .

okay , first things is . i'm still sick now . its been 5 days i've been suffering fever , cough and flu . i'm weak .. i cancelled my meetings with my old friends because of this . i might be making they sad . sorry friends .. :( i can't stand it anymore . even just now , i'm gone with my friends to "bla3 bar" and having our dinner there . next , we're off to parkson . while i'm walking in parkson with my friends , i feel like i want to faint but i walk slowly to prevent me from falling or faint in the middle of the plaza . i'm joined by my cousin named Amy . she's 17 and she just back from United Kingdom for her semester break . ;) i was accompanied by my cousin . and when we passed by the shop named "Rage" , i ask my cousin to leave me alone here cuz i'm gonna find a new shoes for me . so , my cousin left me and pursuing with their shopping . after 15 minutes seeking for trendy shoes , i bought High Top DC . ;) and then , when i walked out from the shop . i felt like i'm ill and i want to faint . luckily my cousin also concerning about me and she visit me back . after that , i call my mum straight away and ask her to pick me up . ;) my cousin left me and she continue her shopping again . okay thats all for the first thing . "I'M SICK" .

next , the second thing is about my feeling . feeling towards anybody that close to my heart :)
when i reached home just now and i saw her status about a guy that she met last time ;) i'm like , whats next after the earlier guy ? don't try to play with me . i'ma good gamer . and i feel like i wanna tell that guy " yo nigga , don't you try to tease her or you'll dead . if you want to take my girlfriend away .. OVER MY DEAD BODY ! . i'm kinda jealous . why did she tried to broke my heart many times ? if you don't want me anymore , tell me straight away and don't try to mess with me by fooling me around . ;) eventhough i'ma guy .. well , everyone knows that a men or a guy has a very strong ego feeling . they wouldn't lose easily to the girls or they won't be broken easily . but not with me . i'm an ordinary human and born to be imperfect . i'm not a guy with a very high ego feeling . i'm jealous by the way you said that at you "social website" . okay nevermind you'll keep saying the same excuse or explaination that both of you maybe just friends and not more than that . but i think , there might be some feelings with both of you . or even the guy try to act like an angel in front of her and show her that he spent most of his time with my girlfriend . okay okay , if that what you say . i'm not going to see you frown anymore . ;) okay , i guess thats all . i don't have to story too lot here . i'm afraid that i will insult her feelings ;) but actually its paid with the earlier thing that you did to me ;) vice versa . ;) thats all , any comments just leave it on the shout box or even in the comments space given .

sincerely by ,

- wan -

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