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Friday, December 10, 2010

Wazzup Bloggie~

hey hey bloggie ~ sorry for not updating you for these few days . ;p i got a sort of things and story to tell you . By the way , how can i say to you that i'm quite happy to be together with her as A FRIEND . 'special friend' . yeah , last night and few night before , i'd try to chill her out and cheer her up . :D well , as you know , i am just like a "ROCKETEER" and also being "GENTLEMEN GUY" infront of her . on the other side , she said to me . GUY , i HATE you so much ! why do you you hate me ? i said to her . because you're so AMAZING ! yeah , you made me HAPPY since 2 december 2010 just like we know . that why i HATE you guy . i HATE you damn much ! she said , don't be just like HER BOY FRIEND . the "GUY" is her BF but the "GUY" didn't care bout her anymore *looks like lah . So , i'm quite sad to heard that from her . So , i decided to CHEER HER UP and try TO MAKE HER HAPPY~ so , the conclusion is .. WE were in LOVE for NOW . ;D *maybe . i'm just WAITING for her DECISION and i must be READY for it . that's all i think so . ;D guys , don't forget to UP-TO-DATE with me in FACEBOOK with my CHIP TUNE PROJECT . yeah , this is MY CHIP TUNE FAMILY : PandaBoy ( ME ) , ZiGZaG Monster ( my uncle ) , The MotherNature ( my cousin ) and LittleBaby ( my allies or partner ) CHECK IT OUT YEAH !

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