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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wan ? knk ko cm tok ?

Aku tauk aku tk sapa ... And aku juak layak xdisukai or even disayangi . Aku sedar aku siapa bagi nya . Xpa lah . Wan , You Must Be Strong Enough to Prove that u Love HER . YOU MUST wan ! Man , be a nice guy . and gentlemen . just don't be a silly guy . pretending and being hypocrite . Man , U must love her where ever she does . ;D Wan , u must prove to yourself that you are better than the guy she loved . Don't be a snail . Or even a sloth . ;D k ? u need a hardwork if u want her . Don't leave her after she love you the way you does . ;) P/S : Meera , if u read this . i hope u don't mind and i hope u think about it . ;) - sincerely post by - A guy .

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