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Saturday, October 30, 2010

long time no see . :)

hey blog , i've got new news for you ! i got new girlfriends ! the girl is so sweet , pretty , nice looking , good person n she love me so much and so do i too . hurm . i really hope that i can cape with her forever . we started our love ship on 15th october 2010 . at 2 or 3 pm in the evening . i've try to tackle her heart before , but i failed . the next time , i try again but this time . i've made it . i felt so lucky . her name is Noor Janna Najwa . she lives in kedah . so glad i've found her . i really love her so much . the way she treat me . i love it !! whoa ! she's kinda good girl . she give what i want . so do i . i promise to you dear , i won't break your heart . i love you so much hunny ! hope you read this ;)

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