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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Come Baby Come ( 27th july 2010 )

haha , today , oredy 3 day i didn't go to subuh . abg awg didn't wake me up . haha , just now in the morning i left my cute dead watch in baldi . hehe , my hair that terpacak being turun by the prefect was on duty . today im still lonely . erm , i think ismandi is suitbale to my close friend coz he understand me . btw , in recess he took my diary . crazy little boy ! nvm . hurm , diz evening i've play futsal with adib . so fun ^_^ ! 2moro we have competition wif 1gigih . im playing in adib's team lor . they invited me . this evening oso i try to be the keeper . but only a lil' bit la . ok . huhu , im ill and feel wanna sick . so that all . eONE

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